Mesha Koczian

Stop-Motion Animation and Puppet Fabrication

Critter puppets


     The first stages of building "critter" were full of experimenting with how to use foam for his body and hard foam for his head. After it was decided to use couch foam in his form and 50lb hard foam for his skull, a layer of apoxy was added as a mask. This mask allowed me to use hot glue the felt onto it. The seam iron was used from there to smooth out his features. The skull and apoxy were the work of Naomi Fischer who made all of the puppet skulls.


      After getting his head in order, it was easy to get him dressed in his modified onsey. His coat is dyed and cut from a tiny onsey, it fit him perfectly. His hood is made from 2 socks and felt sheets. His wraps are tea stained cotton over athletic tape.

      Before he could go on set, he needed eyelids. Naomi Fischer mixed up some clay and wax to match his color and sent him off to be filmed.

     Critter seemed to enjoy his first time on set. His armature worked perfectly and after putting stiffy on his coat, it didn't boil too much under camera.

 He really started to come alive and introduce his personality to us while digging and throwing things in his alley.

Weasel Puppets

     Weasel skulls were made by Jenny Tso. They were felted in the same fashion as the critter skulls. Weasels had dentures put in after their fur was glued and ironed on.

     The three weasels turned out to be too cute before they had their teeth put in. Their faces had extra lips and cheeks added to them so they would look more like they were supposed to.

      All 3 weasels has t have their feet reworked. I created the tops of their feet as a sheet and added on "straps" using more of the same felt. These straps wrapped around the the back and bottom of the feet to create as kind of slipper that could be slid off if the armature underneath needed repair.